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By Jo Sargeant & Clare-Louise English

Directed by Clare-Louise English


Based on the true story of Clive who contracted Meningitis and lost his hearing during the outbreak of the Second World War. Clive is now 15 years old and attending Goring School, having been evacuated from Margate School for the Deaf.
Clive’s father, away serving in the Navy, receives a heartfelt letter from his wife, Dorothy.

As Christopher reads the letter English, BSL and Visual Vernacular interweave to tell the shocking story of a war plane crashing to the ground meters away from Clive’s classroom.


Best International Short, (Idyllwild Film Festival)

REMI Short Film Award (WorldFest Houston)

Best Women’s Film -Clare-Louise English: Director (Beyond the Curve International Festival).

Best Voice Actress -Jo Sargeant (Overcome Film Festival)

OnComm Award for excellence (Offies 2020).

Best Sound Design- Adrian Sandu Yota (Music + Sound Awards)

Jury’s Choice (Romford Film Festival)

Christopher: Robin Paley Yorke

Clive: William Grint

Pilot: Brian Duffy

Dorothy: Jo Sargeant

Deaf Dramaturge: Stephen Collins

Director of Photography:

David Monteith-Hodge

Additional Filming: Teresa Garratty

Editor: Timothy Kelly

Assistant Editor: Tyler Forward

Music: Chris Drohan

Costume: Jo Sargeant

Runner: Teresa Thornber-Mann

On set Interpreter: Erin Hutching

A RADA Festival Commission

in Association with Home Manchester

Special Thanks to Arts Council England, Theatre Deli and Clive Davis


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