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A New Kind of Normal (2020)


An interactive performance poem in 8 parts to help primary school children discuss, process and flourish from their experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown.


The poem explores key themes, including the power of community, the importance of our planet and humans’ place within it, the science of germs and - most important of all - the strength and creativity within us to empower us to triumph over adversity.

A beautiful and fun animated film of the poem co-produced with Hot Coals Productions. Using a diverse group of actors, animations and combining British Sign Language, Sign Supported English, Visual Vernacular, and creative captioning, every child will be captivated, and inspired.


Written by & Directed by:

Kathy Haywood

Produced by:

Kathy Haywood.


Co-Produced by:

Clare-Louise English & Jo Sargeant

for Hot Coals Productions


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