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Tap. Smash. Rattle.

This eccentric black comedy tells the story of Doyle, a man with Hyperacusis, who is slowly driven mad by the cacophony of sounds from his neighbours through the walls of his home.

The pipe-smoking writer tapping on his typewriter, the constant whistling from below, the old lady who talks to her dead husband. And, of course, Valerie, the girl next door and love of his life.

 As he is rarely able to venture from his flat the story unfolds through his relationship with the neighbours around him, who go about their lives seemingly unaware of the impact they are having on his mental health. As the story unfolds we realise Doyle intends to take his own life.

EARSHOT is Hot Coals' most ambitious theatre project to date, and combines, spoken word, creative captions, projections visual storytelling and onstage Foley.

Hot Coals in collaboration with RJG Productions and supported by In Good Company and Arts Council England bring you the first public Work in progress performances this November at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and Streatham Space Project London (Book tickets below)

Director:                          Cast:                                  Producer:

Gabriella Leon                  Clare-Louise English            Rebecca Gwyther

                                      Jo Sargeant

                                      Louise Wilcox

All performances are created to be Deaf accessible through creative captions, projections and visual storytelling.

Not suitable for young children 

Trigger/content warnings - conversation around suicide, adult themes, mild/partial nudity, ableist language. 

Photographs by Chris Daw

Hot Coals Theatre is a registered company Limited by Guarantee.

Registered in England no: 12668734. 

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