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Hot Coals Productions is an award winning production company formed of core members Clare-Louise English and Jo Sargeant. We met whilst studying together on the first ever year of the MA Theatre Lab course at RADA.

We, Hot Coals Productions, believe in The Arts, we believe in the power of theatre and film to change the world, but we believe we can do it with a lightness of touch and with laughter: laugh at us, to laugh at life. 

As a company led by 1 deaf & 1 dyspraxic performer, Access & Language are central to the work we create and our unique brand of accessible work in both theatre and film.


All our work is created to be accessible to d/Deaf & hearing audiences in a shared experience.


Over the years we have created theatre productions delivered to the public via in-house London runs and UK regional & rural tours, and have shot award winning films which are going to festivals across the globe.