This black comedy is the story of Doyle who lives in a flat surrounded by neighbours. Doyle has hyper-sensitive hearing, his condition means: he is being driven mad by constant noise and over stimulated by the minutiae of sounds around him, and is both isolated and overwhelmed by it. As he is rarely able to venture from his flat the story unfolds through his relationship with the neighbours around him, who go about their lives seemingly unaware of the impact they are having on his mental health. As the story unfolds we realise Doyle intends to take his own life.


For this piece we wanted to place a deaf actress in the role of Doyle who hears 'too much', in order to explore the similarities in social isolation between deafness and hyper-hearing and to play with bringing the two ends of the 'hearing spectrum' together on stage.


EARSHOT is Hot Coals Theatre’s most ambitious project to date, and will combine, spoken word, creative captions, projection and Visual Foley.

“physical theatre at it’s very best”

A Younger Theatre 



“Using their own idiosyncratic performance style – part clowning, part physical theatre, part straight-up-storytelling – they nail it.” 

Spy in the Stalls 



“This is an emotionally engaging and beautifully presented story...A truly beautiful piece of theatre” 

Spy in the Stalls 



“Warm, likeable and genuine, their performances are playful, tender and deeply moving”


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